RepelWell™ prevents life's messy moments.

complete stain protection

From your shoes and boots, to couches, chairs, apparel and more, RepelWell's family of products protects against life's messy moments.

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Safe. Easy. reliable.

See how RepelWell™ keeps your couch from getting stained.

Odorless and crystal clear. Non-toxic. Non-aerosol and Non-flammable.

Shoe & Boot Protect

Our Shoe and Boot Protect helps provide stain repellency for all of your footwear, from canvas to leather, clogs to work boots.

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Upholstery Protect

Our Upholstery Protect helps provide stain repellency for all of your upholstery, from leather chairs to delicate silk pillows and
curtains, sofas and rugs, indoor and outdoor.

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Apparel Protect

Our Apparel Protect helps provide stain repellency for all of your fabrics and garments, from casual wear to delicate silks, formal wear to children’s uniforms, and outwear.

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Shoe & Boot

Leave Your Rain Boots at Home

Wear the footwear you want to wear, and whenever you want. RepelWell™ helps keep your fabric, leather, and suede footwear dry and clean no matter the weather.

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Protection, Without the Fuss

RepelWell™ Upholstery Protect gives you complete peace of mind. Keep rooms looking brand new, with little to no effort.

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Forever New Garments

RepelWell™ Apparel Protect helps keep your silk, leather, cotton or any fabrics, looking fresh and clean no matter what your day throws at you.

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Real Customer Reviews


I sprayed both pairs of my UGG Boots since we were about to get a lot of snow. The repellent dried quickly and without discoloration or residue. I am very satisfied and will order it again.

Jan D.

Love It!Saved my couch the same day I used it.

Craig S.

This stuff is amazing! Works great! Used primarily on shoes and backpacks.

Bob S.

Used it for my suede couch. It was easy to apply and dried
quickly with no spotting.

Ted B.

I work in food service and I always mess up my sneakers. I sprayed this on my brand new light pink and white Nike’s and so far works. Definitely recommend this product.

Alicia S.

Great for my suede boots! Easy to spray and my boots still look great!

Michael C.