About Us

RepelWell has been manufacturing and marketing our line of cutting-edge surface protectant products in the US since 2015.

Our Surface Protectant Products’ chemistry was developed by our scientists, based in Europe, who were instrumental in the Nano-technology arena. Realizing that “Nano Particles” were becoming increasingly controversial for the damage they cause to the environment, we felt that there was a better and safer way to offer stain and moisture repellant products. The result is a sustainable and toxic-free product line that performs!

Initially, our products were developed to protect ancient Greek antiquities from the continued damage that was being caused being outdoors, exposed to weather and pollutants. We then modified our formulas to be easily applied to a host of consumer products, protecting them from daily dirt, grime, moisture and life’s mishaps.

RepelWell's family of products form a micro-thin impenetrable layer that protects almost any surface. They have the unique attributes of being water and oil resistant, breathable, washable, abrasion resistant and will not change the color or feel of the item being protected. Our environmentally sound line is completely safe for use around pets and children.

Our business has continued to expand and our shoe protectant is now available wholesale. It is applied at the factories to some of the most recognizable shoe brands to protect their finish. We also have numerous direct to consumer products that protect shoes/boots, upholstered furniture, apparel, leather/suede accessories, outdoor gear and more.