Apparel Protect - Save 50%
Apparel Protect - Save 50%
Apparel Protect - Save 50%
Apparel Protect - Save 50%
Apparel Protect - Save 50%
Apparel Protect - Save 50%
Apparel Protect - Save 50%
Apparel Protect - Save 50%
Apparel Protect - Save 50%
Apparel Protect - Save 50%
Apparel Protect - Save 50%
Apparel Protect - Save 50%

Apparel Protect - Save 50%

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Playing golf? Have an outdoor summer job? Do you wear a work uniform in a medical setting? Kids in summer sports? Make it a worry-free season for you and your family with RepelWell Apparel Protect!

Our eco-friendly and non-toxic formula is easy to apply and safe to use on all fabrics including cotton, silk, leather and suede. It forms a non-toxic shield that helps repel rain, mud, dirt, grass stains, oils, cosmetics, coffee, tea, even sports drinks, without changing the color, texture or breathability of your clothing. Stain and spill protection lasts through multiple washings, helping to keep them looking new!

  • Shirts and blouses, jeans, khakis, dress pants, scrubs
  • Sportswear and school uniforms
  • Outerwear and jackets, including leather and suede
  • Kids, toddler, and baby clothes (great for messy eaters and drink spills)
  • Formal wear, from wedding to cocktail dresses, tuxedos to suits
  • Hats, sneakers, backpacks, beach blankets

Limit 3 per customer

Applications per bottle:



Stain Protectant Instructions: Surface must be clean and dry. Spray RepelWell approximately 4-6 inches from the surface you wish to protect. Apply an even coating, making sure the area is covered and let dry. For best performance, apply a second, lighter coat 20-30 minutes after first coat.

*For Leather and Suede Fabrics:
Apply an even coat making sure the area is covered. Once dry, buff with a soft cloth. Apply a second, lighter coat 30 minutes later. Once dry, buff with a soft cloth again. Full protection is achieved after 4 hours.

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The safety data sheet (SDS), or material safety data sheet (MSDS) is a document that lists information relating to occupational safety and health for the use of various substances and products.

Apparel Protect MSDS PDF

Shoe & Boot Protect MSDS PDF

Upholstery Protect MSDS PDF

Hand Sanitizer MSDS PDF

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jon Macklem

The bottle was broken upon receival and almost half of the product had leaked out. I had to go buy another spray bottle to put what was left of my purchase in.

David C.
Works Great!

I bought this to waterproof my new nubuck leather boots for PA snowy winters, as the brand was recommended by the boot company. I applied three layers, as recommended for first time. I wore my boots in 5 of snow (as high as my boots) and they stayed totally dry!

Water Repellent

Worked great in rain for football game in Bufalo

I looove this stuff!!

It’s colorless, doesn’t smell much. And it does the job. This is my second bottle. The first time I got the small one to try it out. And it’s a great little thing it does for me!! I sweat so bad at work. I was ruining my expensive work hats having to wash all the time. Not any more!! This does the job! It keeps my hats so nice and drier so I don’t need to wash them every single time I wear one! I will buy this stuff for everything now, got it on my shoes and coats. It’s really a great product that works so good!

Like Magic

Customer service is great!! The spray does the trick as described.