What makes RepelWell better than other surface protectors?

Our unique silicone and water formula is safe to use indoors and outdoors.

  • Non- aerosol
  • Non-toxic – water based
  • Safe around family and pets
  • Teflon free
  • Sustainable

What will RepelWell protect against?

Our hydrophobic formula creates an ultra-thin, odor free invisible shield that repels liquids, dirt, oils and more.

How do you apply RepelWell?

RepelWell protects any surface, from upholstery, apparel, suede/leather, outdoor gear, and so much more.  Simply spray on any surface and follow the directions specific to the item you are protecting.

How does RepelWell affect surfaces when applied?

RepelWell bonds with the surface and will not changes the color, texture, or breathability of the surfaces treated.  Protection lasts for up to 24 months without the need to reapply.

Do I need a 12 or 24 oz bottle of RepelWell?

As a general guideline a 12 oz bottle will protect one loveseat, three adult shirts, or 4 pairs of shoes. 

Can I use RepelWell outdoors?

Definitely. Our products will withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and remain up to 200% flexible. UV rays from the sun do not damage the coating and will not affect how it performs.  

Is RepelWell safe for the environment?

Our natural ingredients are not harmful to the environment.