Upholstery Protect
Upholstery Protect
Upholstery Protect
Upholstery Protect
Upholstery Protect
Upholstery Protect
Upholstery Protect
Upholstery Protect
Upholstery Protect
Upholstery Protect

Upholstery Protect

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Our Upholstery Protect helps provide stain repellency for all of your upholstery, from leather chairs to delicate silk pillows and curtains, sofas and rugs, indoor and outdoor:

  • Leather and suede, including faux versions
  • Chenille, velvet, and ticking
  • Microfiber, cotton, polyester, and acrylic
  • Polyester, linen, and lace
  • Canvas, and jacquard
  • Spray on couches, sofas, recliners, armchairs, dining chairs, and ottomans
  • Indoor and outdoor upholstery

Spray RepelWell™ Upholstery Protect on your sofa, love seat, arm chair, recliner, or any fabric, leather, or suede furniture to help keep it clean.

It forms a non-toxic shield that helps repel pet stains, sticky fingers, muddy shoes, dirt, oils, wine, coffee, tea and more to protect your upholstered items. Stain and spill protection lasts through multiple washings,  helping to keep them looking new for longer and protect your investment.

Applications per bottle:


Stain Protectant Instructions: Surface must be clean and dry. Spray RepelWell approximately 4-6 inches from the surface you wish to protect. Apply an even coating, making sure the area is covered and let dry. For best performance, apply a second, lighter coat 20-30 minutes after first coat.

*For Leather and Suede Fabrics:
Apply an even coat making sure the area is covered. Once dry, buff with a soft cloth. Apply a second, lighter coat 30 minutes later. Once dry, buff with a soft cloth again. Full protection is achieved after 4 hours.

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The safety data sheet (SDS), or material safety data sheet (MSDS) is a document that lists information relating to occupational safety and health for the use of various substances and products.

Apparel Protect MSDS PDF

Shoe & Boot Protect MSDS PDF

Upholstery Protect MSDS PDF

Hand Sanitizer MSDS PDF

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Amanda Grissom

No spills yet but so far so good!

Nathaniel Collins

Thought I would give the product and try based on previous reviews and guarantee. The products works great! I learned that saturating the upholstery is the key to getting the desired results. Most importantly, you would want to reapply the product after the first 20-30 minutes for the initial application. This will ensure locking in the barrier and protectant. Be sure to follow the step by step illustrations on the bottle and on the website - if you are not completely satisfied you have the option to discuss with staff members for a viable resolution.

Joseph Bollinger
Wonderful Product

Wonderful and Excellent product. Will keep ordering.


Works great

Sara Holland

Wonderful product